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funny post

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Our New School

this is my bad draft

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and this is my good draft

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me and my pattner maggie did not get much done cause we have had days off and havent beenable to catch up with the class.  Im also proud of myself cause I got most of it done I was having a littel trouble but what I lernt was how to use a troundlewheel and how to do mesher ments and thats all I lernt

By Holly

Mr Palmers Gym

On Thursday we had gym and it was a risk and resilience program. We had our last day yesterday the 5th of November


little blue ridding hood


Once upon a time… there was a little boy who lived in a small house in the bush with his dad. One day I went to go and see Grandpa. I asked dad if I could go, Dad said ” Yes but be back soon.”

I headed of with my motorbike and my backpack. In my backpack were some cookies for Grandpa, I was wearing a blue bikie jacket. On the way I saw a wild dog and it chased me all the way to Grandpa’s tent. Then I called my bikie gang to the rescue. They got there in a jiffy then they beat him down with a single ‘BANG!’

He flew up to pet heaven and then his ghost started to chase me again. I quickly rode home with the gangand had some cookies and a drink. The gang went home and I lived happily ever after with my dad.


Blue is you
you are pretty
all and everything
plants and oceans
all the same
all kind of things
are so beutiful
shops houses
look a bit alike
lollies and chicken are yum
because they’re Australian


54321 BOM a gun shot thats just supernatral isnt it yeah it is said the man at the door who are you noone the man said in a grummpy voice WHO ARE YOU I said if you come out I will tell you ok im comming I hide as im comming towards him and he is a clown he has blood on hes nose so I run but didnt make it into my room BOM ouch I scream THE END

Term 3 reflection

This term I have done lots of work on on my daily5. Because I try not to get distracted by others in the classroom and I also try not to distract others. I have been working on my fractured fairytales. I think that I needed to get more done because I started to get puppets done then I stopped the puppets. I got nothing done apart from a sheet of paper that I copied from the story. I think that I have been amazing in class because when I was at white hills and spring gully I was not happy so I think that this is a better school. I also try to do my reading with out talking and looking around the room. I do sit next to my friend’s sometimes but I think they dont get me distracted. I also did my once thing and I was happy with the piece of work I did because I tried to fit as much as I could and I got lots done.THE END OF MY TERM 3 REFLECTION

The hottest place

Oneday there was a girl in a nice dress with Black leggings in the desert.She was boiling she could bealy walk.It was to hot.It was the hottest place in the world probably.So I saw a camel and a guy beside it.So I jumped on it and ran away with it.Then I found a little tiny house with hay in it so I left the camel free and lived happily ever after.THE END

from Holly:)

Mr palmers gym

Every tuesday we go to mr palmers gym and we do lots of things like exasize,frontflips,backflips and lots more we you’s hes good eqitment lke hes soft mat’s Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 1.24.28 pm


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