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On Friday 3 of June Mr Mayze and Kylie had taken 20 of the 5/6s out to play soccer we were wearing white and red soccer socks and a red soccer top that said Epsom.p.s on it to represent our school.And got there by a bus and headed off at 9.15am and headed back at 2.30pm there were boys and girls but they were on different teams when we got there we had a little spot wear we put our bags.Then we had a practice before we had a normal game were other schools played againsted us we had 4 games we didn’t win any but we came a draw with some games it was fun until the last game because the last school wouldn’t shake our hand and say good game but then we waited for the boys to finish there game and then we left with happy faces because we all tried our best and had a go at everything.

Thank you Mrs Davey for organising the day for us.

And Thank you for the parent helpers we wouldn’t have done it with out use.

Me,Mggie,Kayla,Tashs work

My friends and I did a green screen project for our convict work Kayla and Maggie Recorded the video whilst Tash and I did the starring of the video. The video was about the convicts and their daily life some of the convicts had tatoos to repesent their loved ones. For breakfast the convicts had maize which is corn mixed into porridge for lunch they had salted beef and salted pork , tea sugar.


Their chlothing they wore was always blood stained and dirty they only had 4 items of chlothing a year which some prisoners grew out of or got lots of holes


Thanks for reading and I hope you get to see the videoScreen Shot 2016-06-02 at 10.34.02 am Photo on 2-06-2016 at 10.33 am