About me

Hi I’m Holly and I’m 12 years old and in grade six.I have two sisters and one brother and one dog.My sisters name are Paige and Imogen and my brothers name is Kye and my dogs name is Red.My favorite colour is Blue because I love looking at the sea when I’m in Melbourne or Queensland.

My favorite hobbies are Horse Riding I love sitting there and talking to horses and I love brushing there beautiful amazing long mane.I also love SCHOOL because I love learning my maths and timetables cause when I grow up I want to now lots of things and u need to now your timetables for nearly everything.

I also love my best friends Kayla,Katie,Jorja.H and Recce they are my favorite because we help each other if someone is hurt and we work as a team.What I want to do in the future is be a AMAZING gymnast cause that’s my life and that’s all I do so i want to now lots of things like bars,beam,floor and volt.And if I don’t end up doing Gymnastics then i,m shore I will be a motorbike rider and thats all about me.


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