Term 3 reflection

This term I have done lots of work on on my daily5. Because I try not to get distracted by others in the classroom and I also try not to distract others. I have been working on my fractured fairytales. I think that I needed to get more done because I started to get puppets done then I stopped the puppets. I got nothing done apart from a sheet of paper that I copied from the story. I think that I have been amazing in class because when I was at white hills and spring gully I was not happy so I think that this is a better school. I also try to do my reading with out talking and looking around the room. I do sit next to my friend’s sometimes but I think they dont get me distracted. I also did my once thing and I was happy with the piece of work I did because I tried to fit as much as I could and I got lots done.THE END OF MY TERM 3 REFLECTION

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