Monthly Archives: May 2015

The Funeral

Today the 6th of May Wednesday 2015 we had a funeral for grans. What we did was first we went to the funeral place and then the coffin was at the front and my cousin Chloe had a speech.Then after she did her speech there was four five men that lifted the coffin and put it in the car.Then it was time to go to the semertrey and we all followed the car with the coffin in it then we got to the semertrey and they put the coffin on the two strin.Things then there was music.After that it went down slowly.After that we all had a ballon and some roses and we dropped the roses down and let go of our balloons.Then I had some time to myself and I dropped the poster down and I said my last good byes after all that we went and had some lunch with everyone at the funeral place. I had party pies and sausage rolls it was yummy and I got a can of coke and that’s all. Love you grans