Monthly Archives: April 2015

My gran

On Thursday the 23 of April 2015 my Gran was really sick. And I went up to her house and gave her a kiss and a cuddle because she was going to die the next day. I was there for nearly 3 hours because I didn’t want to leave her. Then I went home and went to bed. On Friday 24 of April 2015 at 4.30 in the morning on the dot she died. And then the funeral place people came to take her body and put her in a body bag. Then she had to fly up to Melbourne and get her stomach cut open. And her funeral will be in like 3 or 4 weeks. by Holly


If you have a poppy that’s on you on remembrance day you will think of the soldiers fighting and trying there hardest and strongest to stay alive you wear a poppy because it came a popular symbol for the soldiers who died in the battle.In 1918 Moira Michael an American wrote a poem in reply we shell kScreen Shot 2015-04-24 at 9.53.55 ameep the faith in which she promised to wear a poppy in honour of our dead.This began the tradition of wearing a poppy…………LEST WE FORGET

My goals

on the 8 minutes test I got 21 out of 100 then the second one I got 67 out of 100 I think I could work on geting more work done insted of day dreaming and talking to Jordy and Kacey when I saw my test my eyes nearly blew up not only talking maybe practice everyday.


on the diagnostic test I got 7 in term 1 then my second test in term 2 I got 12 I think I should work on adding my numbers propley and makeing shaw im concercrading on my work