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On friday it was anti bullying day and we did some videos of what the bye stander does and if you go on kaylas blog you can see this littel thing and its under no bullying and you click on that and it will show you what a bye stander does and how bullying works you cant just tell a techer that someone said im in a netball team and im just relly exited you cant dob BEHINDYOU

About me

Photo on 25-03-2015 at 10.28 amhi my name is Holly.I am in grade 5 I am a normal person I don’t eat ham because I have been teased but I will try it again in 20 years.I love school because I have the most beautiful teacher in the world called Miss fitz and because she makes us do hard things not prep things.I have my own bedroom and my own TV and sony I play my sony every day.I have minecraft I love playing with my cat and dog they make me happy.The last thing I love is to play with my sister every day.I cant wait to go home and play with my sister I have two sisters and one brother.And that’s all about me.

My sister

Hi my name is Holly and I have 2 sisters and 1 brother when my sister was borne I had a photo toking it was of me my brother and my 2 sisters if you go on internet put Imogen Thorp in and it will come up

The parade

On Saturday we had a parade and there was a few schools there as we’ll at  that parade we could give littel boys and girls thing we got to give them pens grayleds and stickers when I was there I got a paper cut. it was fun but there was other schools there but they didn’t have the America things as we did we had our houes colours and some of the other schools had frozen dress ups and lots more by Holly


sleep over

on Friday the 20th of march me, Kayla, Lily and Molly had a sleep over we had fun most of the time we could of made this sleep over a lot better if we did not argue with Molly. Then we had milk then we went to bed.